A mental health eJOYcational monthly paper, which comes to
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make your mental health your superpower.

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Each month, a theme related to mental health takes over the paper. You’ll find bite-sized lessons, science-backed articles, puzzles, comics, and more- all these help you learn more about mental health, while being joyful and entertaining.


By subscribing to The Happiness Post, you receive the newspaper at your doorstep every 15th of the month. Plus, you’ll get digital add-ons that complement each issue. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


The Happiness Post is an old-fashioned reading experience on paper, an alternative to overly long screen time. Reading The Happiness Post is a mindful activity itself.


The goal of The Happiness Post is to improve the quality of life, focusing on mental health. Subscribe to The Happiness Post, enjoy a colorful and entertaining experience, and improve your mental health.

make your mental health your superpower.



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The Happiness Post is a result of a successful campaign on kickstarter. Supported by people who believed that a better world is possilble.